Sensory Deprivation

About Floating

Floating is a scientifically proven tool that helps your body uncover its ability to rest, relax, recover and rebalance. This type of sensory deprivations touches all areas of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It starts with eliminating all external sensory information you mind & body are processing. This triggers a rush of endorphins that ease your thoughts, massage your muscles and relax your spine. While floating you will feel free from all of life’s distractions, allowing you the mental clarity that you never thought possible. Flotation Philly specializes in catering to your individual comfort level. Let us know how we can make your time in the float tank a positive, restorative and restful experience.


No light, no sound and no gravity allow you to let go & float away from it all.

Mental Focus

Achieve a heightened meditative state, increase your brain activity & gain absolute mental clarity.


Improving your immune system, slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure & speeding up your body's recovery process.

Medical Benefits

While floating in a sensory deprivation tank, all the pressure from gravity is taken off your joints, muscles and the entire body. This puts you into the highest state of physical relaxation. The effects of a relaxed body are of particular benefit to athletes, speeding recovery from injury and assisting in the flushing of lactic acid, cortisone and adrenaline that will build up during training or performance. Similar to Bikram yoga’s use of a “tourniquet effect” the increased blood flow while floating rushes red blood cells throughout your body. This process has been proven to relax your muscles and give all users a greater degree of control over your nervous systems. This can reduce the risk of injury during training, competition or daily life. Floating not only accelerates the recovery process, but releases vast quantities of endorphins.

Modern training methods including: MMA, CrossFit and yoga all focus on helping the athlete to master the development between body and mind. These physical exercises will cause a build of lactic acid, which is normally experienced as pain and has been linked with depression. Sensory deprivation will reset your body’s chemical and metabolic balance, thus increasing the ability to recover and perform at your physical peak.

Take advantage of Sensory Deprivation’s benefits